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Jennifer Aronson, MSW, RSW has 23 years of professional experience in the fields of Geriatrics, Mental health, Internal Medicine, Oncology, and Trauma.  She is an expert in Geriatric Care, aging and caregiving issues.  Jennifer has an extensive background working with older adults and their families, as well as educating  professionals in the legal and financial communities about aging issues and the needs of caregivers.  

Jennifer is a Registered Social Worker with The Ontario College of Social Workers & Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW), Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW)

Image of Jennifer Aronson

The best advocate you can have on your side!

As per the many testimonials.

Jennifer Aronson Can Help Turn Eldercare Challenges into Eldercare Successes.

RCM Health Consultancy

Jennifer Aronson has experience and expertise in the design, delivery, teaching, administration and co-ordination of Eldercare services.

RCM Health Consultancy

Most people, regardless of age, prefer to live in the comfort and security of their own homes where they are happier, often heal faster and may even live longer. However, when elder clients are no longer able to care for themselves, their families, friends and service providers are frequently unaware of the options available in the community.

Provide the client and family to navigate the myriad of health and social services and develop a care plan that links them up with those resources that best suit their individual needs

Provide the client the professional attention they deserve so the family and friends continue to contribute the loving support that only they can give

Offer help to avoid the traps along the way by early consultation regarding care needs, and can advise on what costs are legitimate and what are not cost-saving

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Transition from hospital to home

Transitioning to home from an extended hospital stay can be difficult for any patient, but especially for those who are elderly, frail and/or have multiple chronic conditions. Provide:

Coordination with hospital staff, patients and their families, Home & Community Care agencies and family physicians

Counselling on Issues related to aging

Discharge recommendations before returning home

Ongoing support

Assistance navigating the healthcare and elder system

With an aging population, busy families these days are trying to help both their children and their parents… let me take some of the stress away by providing real solutions with Mom’s & Dad’s changing health care needs, in a timely and professional fashion

Most people do not know or understand the choices and options open to them. Navigating the complicated, hard to unravel and difficult to manoeuvre the health care labyrinth can be a major challenge. Older adults and their families and many times their advisors as well, lack information about health and long term care planning options.

Merits of Eldercare Advisors and Care Planning

Jennifer coaches advisors such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, trust officers, and financial advisors who represent older clients, or adult children with aging parents.

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Benefits of eldercare advisors

Provide information and education on both public and private resources

Manage the expectations of an uncertain future by applying the client's wishes, goals, and health status with current and projected care costs

Review medical treatment plans and invoices to ensure proper care is being provided

Identify appropriate health, safety, housing options based on needs, preferences and financial status

Give peace of mind that the client is getting the right care while assuring resources are available for future needs

Transition and Relocation Services/Support (to Retirement Residence, Long-Term Care (LTC), cities, provinces, out-of-country

Provide continuity of care

Case Vignette


Mrs K. is a 92 year old woman who had repeated visits to hospital due to a fall.  She had lost many of her friends and family and was unable to handle living on her own.  Her family was confused about what to do going forward but knew they wanted their loved one to be safe and to be able to live with dignity.  

In addition to providing much-needed emotional and social support, Jennifer completed a comprehensive assessment and report. Based on her findings, Jennifer made a referral to a Geriatrician for further cognitive testing. The Geriatrician assessed Mrs. K’s medications, her mobility and her physical status. The findings were that Mrs. K. was suffering from depression and presented with balance, mobility and strength issues.

Jennifer coordinated a safe discharge home with private and community supports.

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I just wanted to thank you for all the great support you've given me and my stepmother. You helped me negotiate some very difficult territory in an area I have no knowledge of. Your experience and input have made the whole journey less stressful, and you have given me the sense of direction I was looking for. My stepmother is a great lady and it is nice to know at the age of 92 there are services like yours that are available to help her in her final years. You have worked extremely hard to make her life more comfortable and she is experiencing the ongoing benefit of that hard work. With much gratitude…

Barry Brown

Case Vignette

Barry Brown, MSW, RSW

Ms. Aronson set in motion and executed a care plan that was impressive in its precision and sensitive implementation. That she maintained concerned contact with the client following admission to hospital—after her responsibilities were forwarded to others illustrates a caring not often found within our harried profession. I have interacted with Ms. Aronson on other files, I continue to be impressed by her acumen, her capacity to quickly and accurately assess circumstances—and her sincerity. She is a fount of knowledge regarding community resources and 'the system' in general, and her energy ensures that her clients will have access to all that is available to them.

Further, it is most apparent that Ms. Aronson is a team player as has been evidenced time and time again—as she appropriately has reached out to community resources on behalf of a client in need—the ensuing services illustrates the trust others have in her judgment. Ms. Aronson is indeed a trusted and valued colleague. 

I have known Jennifer Aronson as a Master of Social Work (MSW) for over 14 years. As an MSW myself having been in practice for 35 years, upon meeting Ms. Aronson professionally, I was more than impressed by her presentation-she was at once focused in analyzing the situation at hand—determining the available resources, while maintaining an omnipresent awareness of the unique task at hand, that being the well-being of our mutual, elderly and feeble client.

Barry Brown MSW, RSW - President at Family Mediation Inc.

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